Order Cancellation Policy

An Order can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to delivery and your full amount will be refundable unless the shoes have been sent out for delivery then a $9.99 handling service charge applies.

Delivery Return

A Delivery fee of $9.99 per order below $39.98 applies. If by any chance all the shoes brought to you for fitting, by our delivery sole mate specialist are not what you desired or it did not fit the price paid by you for the shoe or shoes will be refunded, however the delivery fee is non-refundable. If your order total was above $39.99 and all the shoes are returned at delivery & Fitting, your amount for the shoes purchased will be refunded, however A Delivery fee of $9.99 per order applies. This fee is to cover part of the sole mate specialist’s pay and transportation costs.

Exchange Policy for Delivery

Upon delivery and fitting if purchaser accepted the shoes then wishes to Exchange for another style or Size can be done at the store level only. Only Unworn Shoes with its original packaging can be exchanged within 30 days of Purchase. Items will not be restocked after 30 days, NO Refunds. A store credit can be issued if purchaser does not find any style at the time of return.

Exchange Policy for Shoes Recieved by Shipping

All shoes purchased via standard shipping and that was not delivered will be applicable for a refund for the item purchased. Purchasers pays for shipping costs on all returns on Unworn Shoes with its original packaging which can be returned within 21 days from Purchase date.